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Are you ready to have your very own piece of the World Wide Web? Outstanding. It seems everyone who is anyone is on the Internet these days, and you’ve got to be there too! But what kind of Website you need might be a lot different from what, say, Bob and Jane down the street need for their Website. Please take a few minutes to fill out the form below to give us some idea of what you're in the market for. It might seem like a lot right now, but it’ll be of immense help for us in our job—which is to deliver to you exactly what you want, customized to your specifications.

If in looking the form over you realize you don’t have answers to everything yet, that’s OK—you can contact Constellation with more general queries and we can work up to specifics with you, or you can give it more thought and come back later on and submit it then.

Ready to roll? Let’s go:

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Preferred contact method:
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If phone, what days/times are best to reach you?


Will this site be for business or personal uses (or both)?
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Will this be a new Website or a redesign/reconstruction of an existing site?
New  Redesign/reconstruction

If a redesign, what is the existing site’s URL?

Do you already have a domain name registered?
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Do you already have a hosting account?
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Do you have a logo or other “brand image” you want to use on the Website?
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Will you provide photos, illustrations, clip art, or other graphics for the site?
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Will you require Constellation to create or acquire new graphics for your site?
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Do you have a color scheme in mind for your site?
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If yes, please specify colors:

What “tone” do you want your site to convey with its look and language?
Formal   Modern   Elegant   Comic/humorous   Friendly   Casual   Other
(if you have something specific in mind, please describe below)

Please list two or more URLs to Websites you like the look of:

What do you like about them?

What don’t you like about them?


Please list the type of pages or content you’re thinking to include in your site (a few common choices are provided, but you may delete/substitute for them if you like):

List any more pages/content/features below:


Approximately how often will your site be updated?
Daily   Weekly   Monthly   Bi-monthly   Quarterly   Less frequently   Not at all

What sort of updates do you envision being made?
Textual   Photos   Other graphics   New/substitute pages   Other (please describe below)

Do you envision handling site updates yourself?
Yes   No

How comfortable are you when working with Website code (HTML, CSS, scripts, etc.)?

Very comfortable — I know all about coding.
Reasonably comfortable — I know enough to do what I need to.
A little bit comfortable — I know basic HTML tags like <p> and <a>.
Not at all comfortable — I know nothing of Website code.


Does your site need to be online and “live” by a particular date?
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If yes, what’s the deadline?

What is your budget for this project?


Please provide any further information/comments/questions about the project:

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Constellation Design tailors all sites to be compatible with newer versions of Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge browsers. Other browsers are considered and used for testing, but in the event of conflicts, first priority is given to functionality in Firefox and Chrome; Internet Explorer is not given any priority. If you have specific browser needs for your site, please mention them in the comments box.

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