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Constellation Design: Portfolio
Constellation Design

Animal Rescue Friends of Idyllwild.

This small shelter in southern California was on a tight budget and essentially needed an attractive way to solicit donations and to communicate with their community and volunteers. See site...

The Chiropractic Journal Online.

Constellation was enlisted to provide an online companion to the printed Chiropractic Journal, a trade publication for the chiropractic profession, to replace the rudimentary site they had been using. It is intended to showcase whatevdr portion of their print publication they choose and host a searchable library of years’ worth of Journal archives. This one was a little different in that it was not to use a database but be maintained and updated solely via FTP uploaded files, so we built it in PHP without any conventional CMS structure, providing easy-to-use file templates for the client to utilize when filing new stories and articles. See site...

Electric Vehicle Supply.

This venture for converting gasoline cars to electric motors and supplying parts for such endeavors was done on a minimalist budget to promote the business. See site...


Erik Lundegaard is a film and book critic and blogger whose work has been seen on MSNBC.com, The Huffington Post, MSN, The Seattle Times, New York Times Magazine, and other publications. Constellation created his website to archive his published works as well as host his ongoing blog postings and film reviews. See site...

Flotsametrics and the Floating World.

Constellation created this Website to help author Curtis Ebbesmeyer promote the release of his book, Flotsametrics and the Floating World. The site contains media clips, author information, samples of the author’s Beachcombers' Alert! newsletter, and an incorporated blog using a customized Blogger account. See site...

The Grand Salami.

Constellation Design is building the new online companion to the baseball print magazine The Grand Salami. The site is designed with the goal of easy posting and maintenance by the client and uses the WordPress blogging software to achieve this. Using an existing WordPress template to start in order to keep the cost down (custom work takes more time), custom tweaks were still called for. A self-hosted WP account was created and tailored to specific criteria, giving the client an individualized look and function while still allowing for use of the familiar Web-based posting and upload library interfaces of WordPress. Custom alterations of other such software platforms are also possible. See site...

International Union of Nutritional Sciences.

Constellation Design built two private Websites for the IUNS for their needs in sharing information and data files over great distances using a central Web-based interface.

Marty Marsh Creative Enterprises.

Constellation has done several iterations of Websites for Marty’s marketing and consulting ventures, including Great Living Today, The Successful Soul Proprietor, and MartyMarsh.com. Marty and I have worked together on a number of things over the years and lately he’s been experimenting with doing his own web building using WordPress. I’m trying not to take it personally. :-).

The People Process.

Pam Hollister came to Constellaiton looking for someone to maintain her existing Website, ThePeopleProcess.com, and maybe do a little tweaking to it. She didn’t want a complete renovation, just some adjusting, which we were pleased to provide. Constellation has continued to maintain the site and asist Pam whenever she has need of technical help. See site...


Sandy Guderyon holds self-improvement seminars and workshops in northern California and came to Constellaiton for a custom Website to promote her ventures. See site...

Seattle for Kerry.

In 2003, a volunteer arm of the John Kerry for President campaign enlisted Constellation to donate a Website for their group. The campaign is long over, but a dummy site remains for viewing. See site...

Wales Literary Agency.

Constellation Design was given firm parameters for this Website, that of the Wales Literary Agency in Seattle. Showcasing their various titles and authors and providing submission information for prospective clients, the site also houses a news blog for Agency announcements and promotion. Waleslit.com was built with my favorite CMS infrastructure (based on a program called Silverstripe) and customized to allow the client to do most maintenance and updates simply and easily.See site...

The Chiropractic Journal.   See sample pages (pdf)

Constellation Design did full layout and production of this monthly trade journal for the chiropractic profession from 2007 until 2011.

The Grand Salami.   See sample pages (pdf)

Constellation Design has handled all production aspects of this Seattle-based baseball magazine from July 2000 through June 2004 and from August 2007 to the present. Project includes photo and textual layouts, photo formatting, chart creations, statistics tables, editorial assistance with headlines and copyedits, and more for each issue. Published 6-7 times per year.

Soccer Seattle.   See sample pages (pdf)

The sister publication to The Grand Salami, Constellation does all production and layout for this seasonal publication focusing on the Seattle Sounders FC and professional soccer.

Business Cards. Constellation has produced business cards for a variety of entrprises. Click the above image for a larger sampling.

Postcards. Constellation Design has created a number of postcards for clients, including several for the Island Food Community of Pohnpei, shown below.

Greeting Cards. Occasionally, Constellation Design has been asked to produce custom greeting cards for holidays or events. One such job was for the International Union of Nutritional Sciences.

Forms and Tablets. Customized notepads or business forms are handy items to have. Constellation has designed and produced several, including these for the Vitality Chiropractic Center and the Where the Heart Is cleaning agency.

Books and e-Books. Constellation Design is happy to be involved with the Deaf-Blind Service Center in producing their academic textbook for instructors in their field. Several versions of the text were needed, including a large-type edition with simple fonts and a version suitable for conversion into Braille.

Advertisements. Both in conjunction with our work producing perioducals and independent of such jobs, Constellation Design has created quite a number of print advertisements, including the ones shown here.

Other stuff. In addition to everything else, Constellation Design has produced brochures, logo and store signage, political fliers, dust jackets, web banners, and other materials. A Sampling is below.

Constellation Design has produced a wide variety of print and online materials, including some that are featured below. Follow the links for sample images or to see active Website projects. More information on individual jobs may be available on the clients page.




Forms & Tablets

Other Projects