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Constellation Design: Pay Invoice
Constellation Design

You can pay your Constellation Design invoice by check through snail mail or online via PayPal. GreenZap is no longer accepted due to instability with the GreenZap service; Google Checkout has been discontinued by Google.

With PayPal you may use funds from your credit card, your bank account, or an existing PayPal account. You do not need to have or open a PayPal account to use this service. Click on the PayPal button below, type your invoice number in the “Item” field, fill in the amount of your invoice as the “unit price,” and proceed with or without logging in to an existing PayPal account.

Invoices are due upon receipt. Invoices unpaid after thirty days are subject to a late fee of ten percent (not to exceed $100.00). Payment via regular installments may be arranged to avoid late charges.