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Constellation Design: Stellar Desktop Publishing Services
Constellation Design

Reach for the Stars

Why stay Earthbound when you can aim higher?

Specializing in the print and World Wide Web presentation needs of small businesses, service providers, and individuals, Constellation Design offers services ranging from basic document formatting to complex publication layouts and Website construction.

Take a look around and learn more about us. Feel free to look through our portfolio, see past and present clients, and check out our services in detail.

Whether your project is paper or virtual, simple or complicated — be it a new business card, a quarterly newsletter, an event program, a community blog, an operations manual, a monthly magazine, a Website for your small business, or something else entirely (well, to a point; I mean, we canít help you with your plumbing or a faulty carburetor) — look to Constellation Design for quality service, competitive rates, and personalized attention.

Every Constellation Design project is a custom project. Each client has different needs, so we take a flexible approach to each job, taking into consideration the clientís budget and timetable in creating each document, Website, or publication. We realize the print and Web needs of todayís small businesses and individual creators can be varied and sometimes intimidating; Constellation makes things simple for our clients by taking on as much (or as little) of the work as desired. From initial design stage to delivery of printed materials, Constellation Design is your Desktop Publishing resource.

Contact Constellation and set up a consult for your project!