Constellation Design

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Whether you have us build your site or you have one already, Constellation Design can host your presence on the Internet. All of our hosting packages include cPanel controls, free setup, online file manager, site statistics, PHP5, CGI, Perl, Webmail, Spam Assasin, IMAP support, and more.

Further, sites hosted by Constellation Design are green powered renewable electricity and carbon offsets help make our servers more eco-friendly. Host your site for a competitive price and contribute to the fight against global warming.

Three hosting packages are available. Choose the one that best suits your needs! Call or click below to order a hosting package. We will notify you shortly when your host account is ready for use.

Red Dwarf
Main Sequence
Blue Giant
Disk space (MB)40010002500
Bandwidth (MB)2500*10000*50000*
eMail accounts510unlimited
FTP accounts210unlimted
MySQL Databases010unlimited
Scriptalicious script libraryNoYesYes
Annual fee$35$50$80
*Extra monthly bandwidth is available
for an additional charge of $5/year
per extra monthly GB.